Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recommended Listening - The Tallest Man on Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth is Kristian Matsson (from Sweden). Lovely folky songs about nature and love and other important things. His voice is sort of Bob Dylan-y which normally I don't love but on him it works. I read someone likening his voice to him doing Bob Dylan "the way Bob Dylan did Woody Guthrie" which I think is pretty great.

His music is gentle and thoughtful and inspiring. I find it perfect for background music while working on projects or painting or sitting around drinking tea with the cats.

Curtis and I saw him perform at the Middle East back in the spring. If you have a chance to see him, please do! He's charming and funny and adorable and a great showman.

[TTMoE LastFM Page]
[TTMoE MySpage Page]

Bonus! While I was scouring the internet for an image to steal for this post I came across these show posters from Landland dot net. They're by Dan Black(of Landland) and I love them very much. Look at those dirt layers! Look at that giant watermelon! Look at those chairs! Look at that composition - so tall! So many things I like. Too bad they are Sold Out!

(click it for bigger, stolen from their site)

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