Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy in the real world...

I haven't been doing much drawing lately. Some doodly bits now and then while visiting my friend Megan at her studio.

But I've been nesting into the new place, playing Little Big Planet 2, organizing art supplies, printing cards and packing etsy orders, visiting with friends, cooking, hibernating, trudging around in the snow.

Here are a few other things that have been going on:

C and I took a botany class recently.

I came across it on the Arnold Arboretum website. The 5 hour (super beginner level) course took place at the lovely Wellsley College Greenhouses. It was fun and silly and the greenhouses were otherworldly.

I took pretty good notes and hope to keep drawing plants for the next few months to keep me sane (and warm) through the remainder of winter. (Last I checked, Boston had enjoyed almost 50" of snow this winter... and we have more on the way tonight. I love to get cozy at home and walk around in the clean white but I'm tired of wearing boots and big coats. Ready for spring!)

We've started the process of toilet-training our cats. It seems to be going right on schedule but I think it will be a long and winding road with many clean-ups along the way.
I am (sporadically) documenting it over at The Cats' Bath.
Oh and as a reward for their cooperation I've been letting them watch episodes of The Life of Mammals with me. (They love David Attenborough too!)

The bedroom is pretty much my project and we're just about finished in there. I have plenty more to frame and hang but everything else is settled I think.

That's all the news for now.
More soon I hope.


  1. Is that exploding pod above milkweed? Love these greenhouse photos.

  2. Kim! That's a cotton plant! All dried out! I had to check the tag when I saw it. It was so perfect!

    More photos here too!

  3. i love the color of your walls!

  4. A: I want to take a botany class REAL BAD.

    B: I would TOTALLY train my cat to use the toilet if we had a separate bathroom for him. It's so not happening in the teeny tiny bathroom we all share. We are going to build a separate compost pile just for Potato's "Feline Pine" and his Business.