Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the edge of busy.

Not much to report today.

The Iron&Wine show was INCREDIBLE. I took a few photos and shed a few tears - overall fantastic.

The opener, The Low Anthem, was amazing too. Beautiful, low-fi, super sparse Appalachian-y mountain music from Rhode Island.

Other than being filled with beautiful music, this week has been full of planning and lists and getting ducks in rows.
I have shows to plan for, some custom orders to finish, a poster to paint, a website to redesign (hopefully) and new things to make. I'm happy to be in the deep end of super-busy-spring.

...Oh and I guess planning for my upcoming trip to Alaska would be a good idea...
I hope you are well, dear reader.

p.s. I set up a Behance dot net Portfolio for illustration stuff. Only my red panda is living there now but I hope to have it full o' things soon.

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