Friday, April 8, 2011

Recommended Listening - new Elbow!

Oh, hello friends... and Friday!

Last night, while we were wasting a little bit of time before going to see The Merchant of Venice at the Majestic (amazing, by the way, I was in tears at the end - I wasn't familiar with the story and a happy ending for all at the expense of one made me really upset), we stopped into Newbury Comics and Curtis stumbled upon an import of the new Elbow album - two weeks before it's set to come out here!

He had showed me the video for the first single "Lippy Kids" a while back and I was so excited to hear it again. I love it so much. I joked with a friend that it 'stirs my soul' - but I MAY not be joking...

I'm a sucker whistling and songs about building rockets...
Having my first listen through the rest of the album now. It's good.

I hear Elbow doesn't come to the states very much. So if you know them, just mention that there are some folks in Boston who would REALLY appreciate a show.

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