Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy busy giant catchall post.

Hello! Here is what is going on in a few of my life departments lately..


Memorial Day weekend was long and productive. My whole to-do list didn't get crossed off but I printed lots of cards and tackled a few other long-outstanding projects.

I have two fairs coming up this month (Happy June!) ...

Garden City Center Art Festival
- June 11th - Cranston RI
Union Made: Bazaar Bizarre Boston - June 19th - Somerville MA
I need to finalize inventories and keep producing until they roll around. My first fairs of the year! It's been a quiet Jan - June so I'm excited to get back into it.

Also! New website! There are still a few holes (I need to finish my "about" page) but it's up! [So much thanks and so many hugs to C who engineered the whole thing for me. Computer whiz!]

Click to see!


The plot is full! We stopped by to water last night and I think some of the smallest sprouts may be a lost cause but everything else seems green and growy. Pea plants are springing up, the strawberries are turning red(!!!) and the peppers look happy.

My good friend Megan came to visit with me Sunday morning in the garden. We drank tea and I planted some little sprouts while she made garden markers. She also harassed the compost pile snakes.

At time of publication of this post I have 19 days before I leave for ALASKA!
I am a little overwhelmed with how much is going on before my trip and I don't even know how to prepare for the trip itself but I'm so so excited. I will have a whole separate entry for gushing about new gear (socks!) and exciting adventure accessories.

I get a little breathless every time I look at the map.

Port Alsworth, AK.

This update is definitely a little scattered but there is a lot going on!
Happy Everything,


  1. Union Made is gonna be sweet, I am excited to be able to come to it this time around. You are sharing a tent with ArgyleWhale right?

    I am also available to come hassle your garden snakes pretty much every weekend, FYI.

  2. I'm sharing with Maisonwares but Argyle Whale will be nearby...possibly sharing with YOU and Marissa selling pinatas?

    Snake Hassler Extraordinaire.