Friday, June 10, 2011

Full production mode.

Saturday - tomorrow! - is my first fair of the year! Every spare moment of my time has been filled up with printing and packaging and tagging and inventorying.

Printing shirt and onesie backs!

New tags!

Inventory! I am TERRIBLE at keeping track of what I sell at fairs so I have promised I'm going to DO IT RIGHT this year. I even bought myself a clipboard! OFFICIAL!

Among those piles are two new designs for shirts and onesies. (I will have two MORE new designs at the second fair of this year, Union Made in Somerville.)

I haven't sold in person since December and I'm pretty excited. Curtis and I are going to pick up our Zipcar at 5am, bring it back home, load it up and head off to Cranston, hopefully arriving by our load-in time of 8am.

Hope I can get to bed on time tonight!
Wish me luck,

The Garden City Center Art Festival!
10am to 5pm
Cranston RI

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