Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A tiny harvest.

This past weekend was spent playing catch-up at home and in the garden. (My first weekend back from Alaska was spent mostly sleeping so I was determined to get some stuff done this past Sat/Sun.)

Saturday I went to the post office, got some sad news about a friend, photographed some product for Etsy to distract myself and then went out to run errands and get dinner with C to keep ourselves busy.

Sunday we tended to my MUCH neglected garden. While I was away Curtis went to water but didn't weed so we had our work cut out for us!

We spent about 3 hours with bent backs and dirty fingernails getting things under control. The weeding revealed the places where things failed the thrive or never sprouted from seed.

So we plan to fill those spaces with beets and butternut squash which I hear do ok if planted mid-summer in this region. Mmmmm beets and butternuts.

We have some green tomatoes coming in and some big squash flowers blooming so we'll see how that goes. I think strawberries are done for the year and our broccoli family things are getting huge. Our Sunday dinner was proceeded by a little chard/garlic/basil saute - all from the garden!

The little first-year garlic is SO cute. I plan to eat some of them but to save a few bulbs to plant in the fall for next summer. BIG garlic 2012!

I'm still pouring over my Alaska photos, pulling the best ones for online sharing so those will be up soon. What a crazy trip.
More soon!

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  1. can we officially call 2012 "BIG GARLIC 2012!"?? :)