Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm working on a new, possibly very involved, project. I'll share more when I have some details worked out. Until then here's a work-in-progress shot from last weekend.

Surprise! Watercolor wildlife. But it's something other than that too.

New run of leaf thank yous in greens and metallic blue...

Yesterday the postman dropped off a long cardboard tube filled with positivity!
Inside was this beautiful handmade banner from Ashley Anna Brown of Secret Holiday.
Who Doesn't need a little affirmation now and then?

This is not it's permanent location in our home but we had to test it out and Hanni approves. Yes to naps!
Yes to this coming weekend!:
Yes to summertime.
Yes to gardening.
Yes to painting.
Yes to long walks and ice cream.


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