Thursday, February 2, 2012

Botanical Illustration Class #3 and #4

Last week's class was more drawing with pencil. We also practiced looking closely.

I drew some ficus and a little unidentified twig that one of my classmates brought in.
Plant Sketch

We talked about positive and negative space as well as contour lines.
A piece of a jade plant and more ficus.
Plant Sketch

Plant Sketch

And speaking of positive and negative space, we had a tiny dusting of snow on the 26th and look at this!
Snow covered

This week we moved on to a new medium - pen and ink! I can only remember one other illustration I did in ink back in college. It's a lot more fun (and challenging) than I remember and I hope to play around with it some more soon. This time I picked a pomegranate to draw (after some cross-hatching and stippling exercises).

Pom study pen and ink

Pom study pen and ink
I think I'll paint one of these. Watercolor over the ink lines.

I'm still enjoying the class very much. It's helping me step outside my comfort zone and try a few new things and encouraging me to look at things differently.

In other art news...
a) I doodled these little clouds:
cloud doodles

b) I am trying to keep up with #febsketchaday on instagram. Here is yesterday's...
Fat Cat

c) And perhaps most excitingly, last night I had a meeting with Megan, Alex and Lauren from the Washington Street Art Center. The four of us will be in a group show (that M & L are organizing) in September! It will be heavy with process work and loosely themed around time and memory. I can't wait to get started on my pieces.


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