Friday, February 24, 2012

Process/Method as Art - Phil Cuttance

This must be the natural progression of things. This (semi) new obsession with seeing how people work and watching them make the things they love to make is opening my eyes to some really amazing projects and process.

I was scrolling through Blog Milk and came across this amazing video...

FACETURE from Phil Cuttance on Vimeo.

Little portable production space? Mobile studio? (Seemingly) Instant objects?
Phil Cuttance makes lamp shades and vases and other faceted items with all the tools/materials living on a little cart which is like and extension of the art itself - or a whole separate masterpiece. Who doesn't want a rolling studio where you can create wherever you are? And I love to think about the original imagining of this bench - choosing each perfect need for the production and how it can be accommodated in a limited space.

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