Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Everywhere!

Last weekend was Somerville's Open Studios. 1) I love seeing ANYONE'S studio in photos or real life. 2) I miss Somerville quite a bit. This is my second May as a JP resident visiting SOS as a spectator. We couldn't go both days so our stops were limited but we got our 'money's worth' by visiting three shared spaces.
The Washington Street Art Center is awesome (and one of my nearest/dearest, Megan Mary Creamer, has a studio there), Fringe is such an enviable space and cooperative - and it's so so cool and The Little House Studios are as awesome as they are tiny.

Here are some photos (you can click to go to Flickr for more info)...

Somerville Open Studios - WSAC
Somerville Open Studios - Repeat Press
Somerville Open Studios - Keinberger
Somerville Open Studios - MMC
Somerville Open Studios - Falco

Seeing how others work is so inspiring! It makes me miss having a designated workspace but it pushes me to work more so someday I can have that kind of space again - either by seeking outside studio space or by moving to a bigger place. The day of wandering (and drinking of many iced chais) and enjoying good art talks made me so excited for my own upcoming JP Open Studios (I have an informational meeting on them tonight!) and the show at the WSAC that I will be having with my fellow Dream Team (group working title) in September.

 Here are some raspberries...


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  1. Saw your link from Twitter :) -- YES, it is SO inspiring to see how and where other people work. Thanks for a lovely post! :)