Thursday, July 12, 2012

How quick, the summer!


How is July already almost to the halfway point? Amazing.

Tomorrow we (myself, Curtis and friends) are headed north for a long weekend of camping. Not just a regular camping trip but Camp Camping! It's our fourth year heading to my dad's property to sleep in tents and do yard work and eat things off the fire. I can't wait. I'm going to unplug and unwind and decompress and destress. Things are particularly overwhelmingly stressful but my brain is busy and needs a rest. I have some big exciting things coming up (Open Studios! Art Show!) and I want to relax before I jump into prepping for those things. I don't like feeling like it's "already almost September!" We have so much summer left, I need to slow down and appreciate it while it's happening. Deep breath.


Flowers! Dutch Anemones coming up in the garden.

Tomatoes! The summer's first tiny yellow tomatoes - SO SWEET!

Food Too much Japanese food (in a good way) with Ryan last night.

Yogurt Giant perfect frozen yogurt cones.

More soon. So many fun things in the works.
I hope you're having a nice summer.

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