Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Ready

I'm preparing for some big events right now.

- Dream Team show opening at WSAC : Sept. 8th
- Jimmy Fund Walk : Sept. 9th
- Jamaica Plain Open Studios : Sept. 22-23

Those are the big things. And there are some smaller meetings and deadlines in between. Such good things!

JPOS Promo Postcard Sending

Sitting at Espresso Royale, waiting for Ryan and addressing some shameless self promotion for JPOS.

Art Organizing

Planning/organizing for JPOS. Since I'm showing outside my home, it's hard to decide what to bring and what to sell for prints/cards/etc. (Planning and list-making and organizing for this kind of event is so exciting and satisfying to me.)

One down, many to go.

First framed piece for Dream Team show. Everything looks so real and professional when framed! (But looking at this now I realize the piece is crooked behind the mat! How embarrassing.)

In other news, we had a most PERFECT evening yesterday and we opted to have burritos by the pond for dinner.

Jamaica Pond - evening
Can you believe that's in the city!? I live near a little oasis. I love it.

Back to work.

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