Friday, August 17, 2012

Recommended Listening - TV on the Radio

(photo pinched form Pigeons and Planes dot com.)

This is one party that I am very late to (TVotR has been making music together since 2001 and although I kept hearing their name from various sources, I never investigated) but boy o boy am I glad I'm finally here.

It started with this video...

Charming, funny, sad and really lovely. Is there anything better than a talented artist with a sense of humor? How about five of them? And I wish I knew how to properly express how much I love the song.

Their music is part peppy party music and part something much much deeper. Slow dreamy poems about love or quick loud intense bursts of emotion.

I love it all. Some of their bonus tracks get a little weird for me - but they may be just what you're looking for.

These guys have been my go-to get pumped, get moving, get work done soundtrack since the beginning of this year. The whole album Nine Types of Light is fantastic and I'm slowly getting to know the others too.

For a band with such a large discography, I feel like I need to give you other suggested tracks that I love. So here you go:
- Wolf Like Me and A Method (off of Return to Cookie Mountain)
- Family Tree (off of Dear Science) which I used in this timelapse video.
- Staring at the Sun (off of Desperate Youth and Blood Thirsty Babes)
- The cover of The Pixies' Mr. Grieves (off of the Young Liars EP)

I hope you like them too!

"I'm cool Snoopy - with the sunglasses?"

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