Thursday, August 2, 2012

W.A. From Above

Wes Anderson from above.

I love this little compilation of shots from Wes Anderson's films. Long sweeping panorama pans with the camera, amazing scale models and intricate details are what make Wes Anderson movies Wes Anderson movies. And of course, the shots from above. Having 40 seconds of moments from the point of view of his characters is so thrilling! When you're engrossed in the story, it's easy to miss little details and to absorb them without identifying why that last scene was so amazing. Seeing them like this is a treat! I want to go re-watch every one!

(There's a similar one by the same Vimeo user of POV clips from Breaking Bad that I would post but it is just a little spoiler-y if you haven't caught up episodes through season 4. (AHEM, Jen.) If you are caught up, check it out here.)

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