Friday, November 23, 2012

All Kinds Of Things

Arnold Arboretum

Hello Friends!
All kinds of things are going on lately.
I'm still unemployed but interviewing and painting and keeping busy with Egg-A-Go-Go for sure.

Thanksgiving was yesterday. I'm still full.

Curtis and I went to NH to spend time with my mom's side of the family.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

We ate so much good food and took a few good walks.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

My folks' new house is a short stroll from downtown Portsmouth but they have a little backyard and a HUGE back non-yard (traintracks and woods) full of trees. Lots of birds came to visit their back porch in the short time we were visiting... Downy Woodpecker, Purple Finch, Blue Jay, Crow, Sparrow, Nuthatch - all such cuties!

As soon as we got back to our neighborhood (via bus and train and a stop at the airport to deliver my brother and his lady to their plane to Baltimore) a friendly cat came down off his porch to say hello. "Welcome Home!" My own cats seemed pleased enough to see me as well.

photo 4Neighborhood Cat


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