Friday, February 22, 2013

A very important post - about snacks

No seriously - we have been doing some quality snacking over here.

On a whim I signed up for Graze and boy oh boy!


It's a little sent-by-mail variety pack of sweet and savory goodies in just the right portions so you get a good treat but you won't spoil your dinner. It's such a fun thing to get in the mail - if I still had a proper office job I would have it sent to me at work! GENIUS.


When you sign up you can specify what kinds of snackies you do and do not like so you don't end up with anything spicy (if you're me) or anything with chocolate (if you're crazy). You can also tell them to send you a box every one, two or four weeks!

Right now it's by invitation only but since we're such good friends you can share my special Graze invitation code! Enter HNCCR6PD to sign up and we'll be snacky buds for life. (I hope this works for you!) Oh! And you're first box is FREE.

I'm pretty partial to their lovely kraft packaging too.

Graze! Graze!

Next let's talk about breakfast... Have you tried your oatmeal SAVORY yet? Plain oatmeal with a runny fried egg on top is my new favorite meal. Salt, pepper, maybe a little avocado. It's what dreams are made of.

Have you tried savory oatmeal yet? Life changing. Egg and avocado!

I can't get enough. It may become a problem - if one can eat TOO MUCH oatmeal.

Lastly, dessert. Pinterest has been a great tool for bookmarking inspiration and links to things and in the past month I've cooked THREE things I've 'pinned' of which was this pudding made from TOFU. It's delicious. Honestly it is. Try it.

What have you been snacking on lately?


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