Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Rainy Day Dispatch (and new cards!)

I really do love a rainy day.

After running some errands I stopped by the community garden to see how the plants were spending their damp Thursday. They all seemed THRILLED.

Rainy Day Dispatch

Rainy Day Dispatch

Rainy Day Dispatch
(AutoStitch, the panorama photo app, is still the most fun/most used app I have purchased. Best two bucks I've ever spent!)

And aren't colors so exciting when it rains?

And in unrelated news, I found a company to professionally print my watercolor cards! The paper and image quality are beautiful. So there are two new cards in the shop - Jamaica Pond and a Fennec Fox Pup!

New cards! #eggagogo #stationery #babyfennecfox!


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