Sunday, July 7, 2013

More about Illustrated Travel Writing - a video!

As you very well know, I love illustrated travel writing. Tonight as I was strolling along on tumblr, this video by Lucy Knisley popped up. (I have one of Lucy's books - French Milk - in my collection and it is definitely one of my favorites.)

It's about twenty minutes of tips and general how-tos about keeping a travel journal and the video itself is illustrated - how appropriate. The tips are pretty universal regardless of your drawing experience or travel plans. Miss Knisley is a pro and it's fun to hear how she goes about recording her experiences.

I love seeing other artists' process and it's so inspiring to see some peeks behind the scenes - er, pages - of one of my favorite traveloguers.

I hope you're traveling and drawing too. I added a couple more books to my illustrated travel writing library and will be posting about them soon!

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