Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fancy Writing Class!

Calligraphy Class

Yesterday I gave Jen an early birthday present! Since we will be away when her special day comes along AND because she's doing us the amazing enormous favor of house/cat sitting for us while we are in Europe, she deserves all the presents!

Calligraphy Class

We went down to the Leather District and took an introductory calligraphy class! I plan to use my new skills in my travel journal and maybe on my sporadic personal correspondence. We took the class with Liz Roessler and she's great.

Calligraphy Class

If you are anywhere near Boston and want to learn some fancy writing basics in a small class with a really fun instructor - check her out. I'm hoping Jen will want to take one of her intermediate classes with me sometime in the future. (Eh, Jennycakes???)

Calligraphy Class
(I made sure to make a little place card with my personal mantra on it.)

We giggled a little and worked hard to perfect our proper lettering posture. This fancy writing stuff is hard work and I have so much new respect for the folks who do it as a job (I can't even imagine!). It was great to stretch the brain with learning how to use a new tool - especially after focusing so acutely on my paintbrush lately.

After class we ate giant turkey burgers at South Street Diner (where a TV crew was filming a new reality show for A&E - we declined signing a waiver and ate outside).

Fun stuff.

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