Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is the day! The little Etsy shop for Egg-A-Go-Go turns five!

Of course every sale on Etsy is exciting but the thing I love the most is when people share with me their thoughts about the item they are purchasing!
Here are a couple of my favorite messages I've received about Etsy sales:

From my very first sale (the woolly bear card mentioned in yesterday's post):
"I'm going to give my mum this for mother's-day. When I was little, they put one of these on my nose- and I had a big allergic reaction and hives all over my face. :)"

A woman who ordered TWO of my button-collecting bird pillows said:"hey there! The cushions I'm ordering are the most beautiful things ever! You talented person! They will be greatfully enjoyed as christmas gifts by my mum and grandmum in northern ireland!"
I wish I could have delivered those by hand! I love Ireland!

One of my best selling designs is "Behind Every Clever Girl is a Guy with A Beard and Glasses." Since I started making it in 2008 I have sold it on cards, prints and tshirts. It began as a sort of inside joke for the crafty ladies I know who all seem to have gentleman supporters with beards and glasses, well, little did I know that LOTS of ladies have these!
I get a lot of messages along the lines of:
"This card is perfect for my husband--makes me smile." and "flipping brilliant. my bearded and bespectacled mate will love it! thanks so much!" (I send a lot of these to the UK and Scandinavian countries!)

This might be my very favorite email ever from a customer, again about the card above:
"Hi, You don't know me, but I am a fellow artist. I just got one of your cards from my boyfriend (the one that says "behind every clever girl is a guy with a beard and glasses") And I love it! It looks just like his beard and glasses! :) Anyway, I have this thing about where my art ends up, and if the person who got it really *cares*, so I just thought I'd let you know that I do, it made me so happy I cried! He told me that he had bought it about 3 months ago before we were even dating, and was saving it to give to the girl he would marry..."

It makes me so happy to think that what I make, makes other people happy. And when they take a minute out of their busy lives to let me know, it's a really wonderful feeling.

Thank you Etsy.
Thank you shoppers.
Thank you internet.

All through out September I'm going to be updating the shop, introducing new designs and restocking old ones.


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  1. Glamour was pimping you out earlier this year!