Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello World

Hi there.
I'm not new but this blog is.

I'm Sarah. Egg-A-Go-Go is my art and craft business. This is a place for my work, for the work of others. I'll probably talk about art, tea, cats, food, plans, lists, craft, Boston & the rest of New England.

I'm a busy lady. Sometimes I feel like I'm spread a little thin but I LOVE everything that I do and I sleep well at night. During the day I work full time making medical forms for a non-profit cancer research establishment (Egg-A-Go-Go is a nighttime/weekend-time labor of love). I have a boyfriend named Curtis and two cats named Hanni and Mischa. I go to a lot of shows (music, art, etc.) and try to have as many adventures as possible. I enjoy good design and just about any art I can get my eyeballs on. I don't like pickles.

Here I am standing in pond.

Thanks for reading. I hope to keep this updated with Egg-A-Go-Go News and other important, pressing matters.

See you soon,

If I seem familiar, you might remember me from an old LiveJournal I used to have. There was also an Egg-A-Go-Go blogspot for a while but it was sorely neglected. I'm also half of Two Story Sketchbook (which needs updating).

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  1. Very happy to see your new digs on the Internets...I miss you on LJ, that's for darn sure, but I guess I've only been delaying the inevitable moving on from there myself. The cross-posting from wordpress is like a slow, painful breaking up. Anyway, will look forward to keeping up with you here. xoxoxo