Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tumbl for you.

Hi Internet.
I don't really know how to get this blog going. Want to know more about me? Ok...

Let's talk about a computery thing.
I spend a good amount of 'inside time' scrolling through the bizarre and awe-inspiring pages of Tumblr. But don't we all? (If you're unfamiliar, tread carefully, it's a slippery addictive slope of photos, text snippets, and animated gifs of cats making air biscuits.)

I like/favorite/mark/heart about seven million posts a day.

Most of them are photos of cats.

Some of them are informative charts.

Others are pictures of beautiful chairs.

But I also find really important art and craft related things that you should really know about. Maybe I'll post about some of those things later.

Good night!

Oh, if you want to follow MY tumblrs (yes, plural)...
Snapshots from the Egg-A-Go-Go Studio
Sure As You're Born (where I file away inspirational design stuff)
For sporadic postings from myself and the lovely Jen of Saint9 try Hearts&Hooves

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