Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Long Summer


What a beautiful LONG weekend we just had! I spent it celebrating a friend's 3rd birthday, riding bikes, having brunches with friends, snoozing, editing product photos for the shop, eating huge delicious late-night dinners, window shopping beautiful furniture, walking to the North End, and just milking the last days of summer.

We have more hot and humid days headed our way here in Boston but for me, the beginning of September and the passing of Labor Day means - AUTUMN. Even after being out of school for years I get the itchy urge to buy new back-to-school clothes and the nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something (ahem - HOMEWORK). I love the promise of a fresh start and lots of potential fall brings. I rarely lament the end of summer - I know she'll be back even if it won't be until after 6 or 7 long cold months.

My brother and his girlfriend. Taken during family vacation in Peru Maine in August.

Anyway! So long lazy busy summer! Time to get working for autumn and winter!
I'm having dinner with my long-time friend and co-creative Ryan Marie of Maisonwares. We're going to make some lists and plan some projects (and play with her kitten Bo).

More news on fresh projects and products soon.

Have a lovely Tuesday,

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