Monday, October 4, 2010

Other Artists - Stephanie Levy

While making an Etsy Treasury this morning I stumbled upon the work of Stephanie Levy and I was instantly charmed.

Her pieces (to me) are 1 part engrossing texture, 1 part sketchbook, 1 part color study and 1 part travel journal. I absolutely love them.

I have always admired artists who seem to have a fearless, effortless way of drawing. Not to say that their work isn't carefully executed - it just looks so natural.
I started out in art college as a self-proclaimed 'Art Chicken' - very hesitant and worried about mistakes. I hoped that lessons and motivation would break me of this and help me grow and find my feet. But, sadly, my college career did NOT help my fears, in fact, I left school more timid and exhausted than when I had begun. But I'm now since starting Egg-A-Go-Go 6 years ago and focusing on art as product, I've become a lot more confident. In the new year I hope to be more driven in the direction of illustration and fine art and hope to someday have a style as focused, unique and brave as Stephanie's!

click the photos for a link to the pieces in her etsy shop.
her shop
her blog


  1. wow sarah, what a beautiful morning surprise! thanks so much for sharing my artwork - and thank you for sharing your story! I think we all have our fears about making art, but isn't the internet (and blogging) a powerful tool for helping us overcome our fears and get our work out there to an audience ?!

    Good for you and keep making your own wonderful artwork :)


  2. hey - just checked out your Etsy site, very, very nice - and 5 years wow, you are a true veteran :)