Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More New Cards!

Evert year I promise myself I will make some winter/holiday cards and somehow they always gets pushed aside for other less seasonal projects. But this year, finally, I came through on my promise (to me)...

Shimmery Blue Winter Feather card:

A non-holiday-specific card for wishing a good winter or happy new year maybe!
(You can't really tell from this photo but the blue ink I printed the feather in is pearlescent!)

Christmas Car card

Growing up my dad always had Subaru station wagons so I based the car in this design on one. We never had a tree at his house though, we usually just decorated the potted orange tree in his kitchen.

There's one more that I plan on posting and adding to the shop later this week!

And look who's back!

It's rainy and grey here. I love it but would like to go back to bed now.
See you soon!

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