Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good things...

Hello Internet!

Happy post-valentines day. To celebrate C and I stuffed our faces at Bon Savor and watched a robot play Jeopardy. Very romantic.

A good friend was in town briefly last week and we went to see the new Art of the Americas wing at the MFA.

The wing is DENSELY packed full of incredible pieces. We were on a tight time-budget so we breezed through but I look forward to going again soon and taking my time.

What else? We've been having a little bit of a thaw here and I saw some little sprouts peeping up out of the ground yesterday. Can't wait to see you more often, friends!

I'm working on a few new things for spring. New silkscreen designs and hopefully some painting. The Button Bird Pillows are going back into production for another wholesale order for Hunt & Gather and for my shop.
Sneak preview:

OH! And ... my boxing kangaroo is in a forthcoming book!

Last year someone from Chronicle Books contacted me about submitting my beard&glasses design to be in a little book. She said it was an art/craft inspiration book and all of the images were going to be text-based.

I sent the beard&glasses along with my "when two people love each other VERY much" onesie and my boxing kangaroo. And look who is now in a book!

Good for him! I hope people find him inspiring rather than kind of sad. The book isn't out yet but it's up for pre-order here.


  1. I love your plant drawings. Can't wait to see them silk screened!

  2. Congratulations on having your kangaroo be in a book! Hurray! :)