Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost April.

How it is almost April, I don't rightly know. Crocuses are out in full force and some daffodils I passed on my walk to work today were just about ready to pop. So exciting!

I have had such a heartwarming and exciting response to the Print for Japan I posted a little over a week ago. I'll be sending the second round of donations to the two charities this week.

I spent Saturday printing, tinting, packing and shipping off 20 mailers with one or more of these prints inside. It felt so good to bring them to the post office and send them off to their new homes.

They didn't make it to my first trip to the P.O. in the morning before breakfast but I brought them down to the ALL NIGHT location near South Station - that place is amazing. The ladies who work after 8pm are a HOOT.

Speaking of mail...
I received two wonderful pieces recently!
This funny little postcard that my BFF sent via her phone...

and this lovingly packaged order from Letterpress Delicacies...

I think we are kindred spirits with a love of twine and paper tape. <3

Breaking news! New favorite blog is Studio Sweet Studio. So lovely.


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  1. i received my print today. it's beautiful, thanks so much!