Monday, April 4, 2011

Springy weekend. Thunderstorms tonight?


What a weekend I just had! I try to make every weekend amazing but this one was particularly A+.

Post office, confused sandwiches, walking, The Arboretum, so many trees, a shared pastry, walking walking, painting, inking, pizza, sleepy kitties/bad kitties, planning, sketching, ordering tiny letters, laughing at the internet, more sandwiches, carrot chips, walking then choosing driving, a beautiful songbird lady voice, funny dancing with washboard accompaniment, late night pizza, one lovely houseguest, sleeping.

Don't believe me? It's true! It all happened! here are some photos to prove it - in no particular order.

I'll write more about the Lia Ices/Cave Singers show later on. And I also have some cute houses to share and some amazing textile art too.

I'll leave you with this charming graffiti that I love even if I don't agree with it and it's spelled wrong...


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