Friday, April 1, 2011

Walking with a friend.

This is Oskar who I sometimes see on my walk to work.

Have a good Friday - don't take any wooden nickels.

(Sorry for all the sniffling, cool mornings make my nose run! I'll add music to cover it maybe.)


  1. Oskar is seriously a cat about wonder s/he is in such good shape! Also do you know if Oskar is a boy or girl cat? I'm too embarrassed to check!

  2. I was hoping you would find this post!

    I think Oskar is a boy. After we finished filming this movie he ran into someone's yard and did some little tail-shake/marking dance like he was making sure everyone knows it was HIS turf. I've been seeing him on Kent street. Where do you see him, St. Paul?

  3. awwww! He's your escort!! Do other people know hime?!

  4. How do you end up on Kent St from JP? I'm confused by your walking route! I see him at Beacon at Amory st! Or sometimes further towards Hawes T stop. Of course I was gonna find this, avid blog reader!

  5. hk - yes! my friend Amy sees him on her walk to work as well. and he wears a little tag that says "I AM NOT LOST" since he wanders the neighborhood every day!