Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden Art.

I'm totally garden-brained lately and when I just came across this on lionhug (by way of tumblr) I nearly lost my breath...

Cal Lane's 2005 plasma-cut wheelbarrow!
At it's simplest, a beautiful look at function vs beauty in my opinion. Her site has other pieces (shovels!) from the same body of work and this incredible "Dirt Rug" from 2004.

Keeping with the theme, here are a couple of my recent garden-related Etsy favorites...

I love Jeremy Miranda's greenhouse paintings. His work examining our interactions with the natural world are so inspiring and his technique looks effortless.

This springy vegetable print from RedCruiser is so sweet and so seasonally appropriate!

And perhaps my most coveted Etsy favorite, MirthQuake's chickadee dress! It's so delicate and lovely - wonderful for special occasions but I would want to stroll around in the garden in it.

I spent most of this past Sunday in the garden and I can't wait to get back!
Planted: Sweet peas, mixed color carrots, chard, sweet peppers (seedlings), roma tomatoes (seedlings), onions, garlic, 2 kinds of squash, broccoli raab and the existing 2 strawberry plants!

Curtis built a little pea fence at one end! There's an empty spot near by so I may try to get some pole beans in the ground this Sunday!

Happy Growing!

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