Friday, August 5, 2011

JP First Thursday no. 2

We've been pretty good about getting out to a couple of our favorite local art venues during Jamaica Plain's monthly First Thursday. I usually forget to bring my camera - but not this month!

First stop - Aviary!

The current show is beautiful to look at but the story behind it is even more amazing. It's an exhibit of prints made from "Glass negatives from the Providence Public Library Special Collections printed at the AS220 Darkroom." One of the AS220 members/co-curators, Krystal Grow was there and I listened in as she told another spectator that the glass negatives (mostly from the early 1900s) had been hiding in boxes and folders and drawers for years and years and years.

When the members of the AS220 Darkroom caught wind of these negatives they wrote a proposal and got a grant to collect them, archive and protect them and to PRINT THEM. The resulting photographs are breathtaking.

The clarity picked up on a glass negative are so minute and to see these photos - which, in their day, would have been printed relatively small - blown up to 11x14, a size they were never meant to be, all of the tiny details are still there. The photos of old (mysterious!) machinery are fascinating.

Such an amazing project. You can read more about it (and see all of the photos!) here.

Next stop - the Hallway Gallery!

Mixed media by Jeremy Majewski, sculpture by Ben Silva and paintings by Christopher DiPietro.

I love these comets/astroids by Dipietro and this storefront by Majewski.

Both bodies of work on the walls complimented each other nicely and I loved the fallen-star-like placement of Silva's 3D pieces. The Hallway is such a cool space for a group show. Sculptural pieces sit quietly as viewers maneuver around them and it's impossible to see work by the two artists at the same time which makes the intimate space magically create solo shows for both artists!

After our doses of art we stopped at Harvest and the Cupcakory truck* for dinner fixings. We sat by Jamaica Pond and dined al fresco. Lovely.

*if you EVER see the Cupcakory truck, run right over, give them $3, get one of their salted caramel cupcakes and GOBBLE IT UP. So good.

I love JP!
Have a great weekend.

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