Monday, September 19, 2011

Everything! All at once!

Every single month I take a deep breath and think "at least THIS month won't be as crazy busy as LAST" and I did it once again at the beginning of September, I blinked and now the month is more than half past in a whirlwind of busy-ness.

This past weekend was no exception to the busy overload!
- Friday night Curtis and I went with Jen to dinner and to see the movie Contagion. Both were good.
- Saturday my folks came to town on the train. We picked them up at North Station, went out to brunch, did a little South End Open Studios, wandered, had tea/espresso, wandered some more and dropped them back at the train.
- Saturday night Jen spent the night since we had to be up at FOUR AM Sunday to head out to Hopkinton for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk! (The walk was great. I'm exhausted but so happy we did the whole thing again this year. What an event! Friends and family and snacks and laughing and WALKING.)

Mid walk:

Post walk:

Do you mind if I use the rest of this post to make a big list or two? No? Thanks. You can read it if you want.

Upcoming ART Deadlines:
* Oct. 18th : WSAC/SHC art due
* Nov. 1st : Artworks! (New Bedford) art due
* First week in November : Craftland work due
* Dec. 4th : Bazaar Bizarre Boston 2011

Upcoming EVENTS:
* Wednesday - to Storm King! (more about that later!)
* Thursday - Storm King + Curtis's Birthday! + driving to North Adams
* Friday - Mass MoCA!
* Saturday & Sunday: JP Open Studios, Beantown Jazz Festival, MICE
* 9/26 - Elbow concert
* 10/1 - Tangled show opening

I know there's more stuff in there but if I don't remember it, I don't have to worry about it, right? These things don't WORRY me, really, it's just so much running all over, neglecting my chores and having fun. I'm very lucky. But I do need to find some time in there to pack orders and build up stock for upcoming fairs and the holiday etsy selling I'll hopefully be doing. PHEW.

Man, this post sure has a lot of words.
More pictures soon!

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