Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Providence Art Festival

Oh what a lovely day in Providence! (This past Saturday.)

Ryan Marie (of Maisonwares) picked me up at the sleepy-eyed hour of 6am and we shuffled off to Rhode Island's adorable capital city.

Most of the streets were quiet and we dragged our wares from the parking lot on Matthewson two blocks over to our spot on Westminster. Setting up was fun and we were cheerfully fueled by the nice folks at Small Point Cafe right across the street from our booth. (For the record, their homemade chai is delicious, their egg sandwiches divine, their quiche lovely and their bathroom impeccable. Thanks Small Point!)

The day was gorgeous and shoppers were really friendly. The wolf onesies got a lot of laughs and went home to a lot of wild babies. I had too much caffeine and just the right amount of sugar. Erica of the Sugarush Truck dropped off a sampling of her incredible home- i mean truckmade cupcakes.

They were so delicious I could almost cry.

I love sharing a booth with Ryan. We chat and laugh all day and buy each other beverages and tend to customers. She is a delight to work with.

We had a fantastic day and got to see a few friends as well!
I want to go back to Providence to spend the day sometime in the fall maybe. The architecture is beautiful and who can resist a visit to Craftland!?

Back to the real world...

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  1. we would love to have you back in our capital. we should meet at small point for coffee and venture to some yummy restaurants. there are some other cute shops too!