Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-Autumn Rushes


Things have been a bit nuts here. Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Camping and Parties!

The Providence Art Festival is the day after tomorrow and I feel a little under-prepared. I'm sharing a book with Miss Ryan Marie of Maisonwares and we're collaborating on a bunch of new items! I'll be cranking out cards and onesies until the last minute (minus a few hours on Friday to step out for my beloved friend Jen's birthday celebration).

Shirts and onesies fresh from American Apparel for printing.

Some card design experiments using screens I already have.

Oh and when I'm not printing and packaging and selling and shipping I will be nose first into Wildwood by Colin Meloy (pictures by Carson Ellis - one of my most favorite illustrators out there!) The book itself is so incredibly beautiful. So much attention to detail and lovingly published.

Busy busy!
I hope you are well and I hope to have some more regular posts next week post-Provi Fair madness.

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