Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making for Places

Beaming down - or up.

So autumn-time production-time is in full swing. I am currently planning/making things for:

-Craftland, Providence RI
-Concord Handmade, Concord NH
-Artworks!, New Bedford MA
-BBB2011, Boston MA

It's a little daunting but I got a great, inspirational email from my friend an colleague Marissa yesterday. I was complaining about not having enough TIME in life - time to do things and earn a living and make things.

To that Marissa (who is prolifically productive) said:
I think the thing that helps me be SO productive with my time is that I know my time is limited. Weekends and the few days I can take off are precious, so I'm careful to make good use of them. Same goes for time before work, time between work and swimming, time in the shower, time when I should be eating meals somewhere other than my drafting table, etc. It sounds insane but I am always working on something. I think if I had more than a week off from regular life, I probably would get bored and start watching a lot of daytime tv. And you know what happens then? I make a shitton of zines about A Baby Story, and nobody wants that.

(Confession, I WOULD read zines about Marissa watching A Baby Story but that's just me.)

Every year around this time my list-making gets furious and I plot out things to do each and every day after I get out of work and my weekend calendar days that are not filled with fall-time festivities are blocked off with with "MANDATORY WORK DAY."

I'm going to have lots of new things for this year's season of giving. New postcard set, new holiday and birthday cards, a new tote bag design that I am super excited about, some pillow covers and some more regional onesies. Exciting!

Make make make!

Your reward for reading that whole post, sleeping Hanni:

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