Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Process in Pictures

One of my favorite things about artists-on-the-internet is seeing photos of process. Work in progress, studio shots, pictures of unfinished work. I love it all. I cannot get enough of studio visit blog posts from sites like Studio Sweet Studio and Fecal Face.

I do my best to document my process but often find myself at the end of the process wishing I had remembered to take photos along the way. Enter - Instagram. I know I'm late to the party but I just started using it (let's be friends! my user name is 'eggagogo' of course) and I'm finding it fun and so easy to take photos as I'm working to post to the Instagram stream and/or twitter and/or my studio tumblr.

My most recent new project was burning a new screen. I drew some houses in pencil, scanned them, cleaned them up in photoshop with the help of my trusty Wacom tablet...

Then sent the drawing off to the copy shop to have it printed on transparency (I'm sad that my new printer doesn't seem to work with transparency but the ones I'm getting from the professionals are great)...

(Note my studio assistant closely inspecting the transparency.)

And then I burnt the screen using a 200 watt bulb in a clip lamp in our little bathroom and rinsed it out in the kitchen sink...

Like magic!

I want everyone to know how easy it is to make silkscreens. You don't NEED a huge studio (though that would be nice) and it's such a fun media to work with. Maybe I'll make a tutorial about how I do it - Kitchen Silkscreening 101. (Does anyone read this blog, would anyone like to see something like that?)



  1. I'd love to see how you burn your screens!

  2. As you already know, I am always for seeing how everyone screen prints at home.

  3. hi sarah
    yes, i just read your blog,and yes i would love to see and learn your screen printing process!

  4. It would be neat to see how you burn a screen :)