Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recommended Listening - Seabear

Oh Seabear.
So breathy and soft and full of so many instruments.

A couple of years ago I heard "Cat Piano" on LastFM (or Pandora or whatever internet radio mixtape I was on at the time). I was instantly enchanted by the tinkly piano sounds and the visual of a cat playing a toy piano. I never bought the album but my heart would skip a little beat every time online music roulette would drop the song into my headphones.

Last summer Curtis and I went to New York City and he bought Seabear's We Built a Fire (which came with the EP While the Fire Dies) at Other Music. "Cat Piano" wasn't on that album (they didn't have The Ghost That Carried Us Away") but these Icelanders had plenty more for me.

We Built a Fire is great. Beautiful layers and sounds and a general sense of well-being because maybe you're wearing a cozy sweater and sitting in a warm kitchen while someone makes you cocoa or a loaf of bread.

This track is Curtis's favorite:

I love it too!

We just got The Ghosts yesterday and I'm on my second full-album-listen. "Cat Piano" is still warming my soul but the first track, "Good Morning Scarecrow" opens the album with such a bright, sparkly calm that it may be in the running for my new favorite. I love a sweeping epic or triumphant crescendo but there is something to be said for a song that lulls you into a warm, soft place while still being just uplifting enough. It's sort of sleepy but it also makes me want to climb to the top of a small mountain.

Iceland, you have brought me such good music in the past couple of years. There is such a sweet undercurrent of optimism and general appreciation for life and beauty coming out of all of the Icelandic rock we've been listening to. Just what the world needs more of.

And since I babbled on about it so much, here's a Spotify link to Cat Piano.

Happy listening!

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