Friday, December 16, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Today will be the first day this week I will not be going to the post office after work.

Post Office

The Country Living feature resulted in the making/packing/mailing of a whole lot of mason jar aprons and therefore a LOT of trips to the post office. But it's ok! I actually love the post office. I don't mind waiting in line, I even love the surly clerks you sometimes get.

The process/ritual of packing orders (or any mail) is so special and feels so old fashioned.

photo d

And I do love seeing a little army of parcels all stacked up or a bag full of packages waiting patiently to ship off to all over.

photo 2

So now I am officially caught up. It took a lot longer than I expected but I only have a few more things to send out (including my OWN Christmas presents to friends and family) and then I am off duty until the beginning of 2012. How exciting! I am going to read books and take winter walks and go to bed before midnight.

Hope you're having a good holiday-prep season.

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  1. Congrats btw on the mason aprons! So wonderful!
    (agree'd-post office= BEST crankiest townies EVER! heeheehee)