Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Post-BBB wrap-up

Hello Friends!

Well, I can't believe it's over.

The Bazaar Bizarre Boston has once again come and gone. I had two full 24 hour days of preparation before the big event (as well as full days here and there and post-work days as well for months prior).

I spent Friday and Saturday printing and pressing and packaging as well as eating and taking walks to the post office and for chai to keep me sane.

Sunday was incredible. A total blur but a great success. We got to the Cyclorama at about 7am ready to rearrange tables, hang signs and get things set for our vendors to arrive.

The BCA Cyclorama is one of my all time favorite all time buildings of all time. It's so lovely. And it's such a treat to be there early in the morning as the sun starts to peek through the giant skylight.

When I had done my morning duties I set up my own table just in time for the Early Birds to start arriving. Shortly after the first shoppers got settled in the doors were opened to the public and the giant room quickly filled up!

[photo stolen from Amy of ABCowls!]

To see so many folks there, spending their Sunday waiting in line, paying the $1 admission and then shopping from some of the most talented and charming people in this little community is humbling. It gives me hope for humanity, hope for handmade.

The day was a great success for Egg-A-Go-Go. Wolf onesies, cards and beard&glasses shirts were hot sellers once again and I received a lot of great feedback on my display and products. Some of my favorite people came to shop or volunteer and the whole day was over in a blink.

Usually I get some time to slow down and BREATHE after the BBB but this year I'm still catching up with orders for my Blue Mason Jars Apron! Did I mention? It was featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Country Living! And the response has been incredible!

Such an honor! Thank you Country Living!

SO! Here we are. Post-BBB, Pre-Holidays. I feel like things will be crazy until the new year starts which is fine by me. Come January I hope to focus on painting and maybe taking a class if my work allows. I feel like I've been neglecting art for craft lately and I need to find more of a balance. I hope to post the results here. (As well as that home silkscreening tutorial I mentioned! COMING SOON!)

Hope you are well!

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