Thursday, January 12, 2012

Botanical Illustration Class #1

Tuesday was my first Botanical Drawing class.
It was just perfect. We didn't get to draw much - it was the typical 'first class' with introductions and syllabus discussion and chatting - but I'm already sure I'm going to really enjoy the course. We will be going over a lot of actual drawing technique (which I haven't talked about with strangers in many many years) and we will be focusing on LOOKING CLOSELY at things. I can't wait.

Since I don't have any new work to show, here are some notes I took in the Intro to Botany class I took last year (which I mentioned here)...

2010 plant class sketches

2010 plant class sketches

2010 plant class sketches

2010 plant class sketches

I'm excited to draw next class!
I'm excited to take what I learn from this class and draw in my community garden in the spring. Plants plants plants!

Our instructor gave us each a lemon (which we would have drawn in class, had we the time) and when I got home Mischa promptly knocked it onto the floor and rolled around in adoration of its lemony goodness.

Mischa Love Lemon

More soon!

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