Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wearing Clothes - a post about clothes

My beloved, long-time friend Ryan Marie is awesome and entertaining for many reasons. She's also got an impeccable style. We have very different views on clothes and outfits and 'fashion' but I love the way she dresses and I especially love when she tells me (usually via the internet) what she's been wearing.

I decided to "do unto others" since I want her to do unto us with some more regular outfit posts. So here's a post about what I wore yesterday.

Lorax pose

Weather: Yesterday was overcast, a little damp and warmish for January, 30s/40s all day. Walked to work. Worked. Walked home.


Items of Note:
- Little teal and brown fingerless mitts (with acorn-shaped buttons!) custom knitted by Jen of Margravine; Grey/Violet/Olive cowl by ABCowls (also a member of Margravine!)

Bag and Bottoms
-Olive tights from WeLoveColor, teal bird on wire socks by SockItToMe, Fossil KeyPer bag (a gift from my mom!), Culture Phit "Diana" shoes

I generally don't think to much about what I wear. I buy and wear things that I like. And sometimes I end up with a color combination that I really love - like the teal and olive here.

There you have it, an outfit post. (Ryan, are you reading this? Aren't you proud?)

In other news...

Cats in Clothes Postcard giveaway!

I'm giving away a set of my Cats in Clothes Postcards! Just reply to my tweet about it and be entered to win! I'll pick a lucky recipient on Monday!

Cats in Clothes postcard set

Thanks for reading!

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