Monday, February 13, 2012

Watch me paint.

Happy Monday.

My current obsession is time lapse painting videos. I've been scouring the internet for them and have been making some of my own. Below is one I made as practice for the show I'm participating in at the WSAC in September. I'm still trying to find a concrete direction for my show pieces but making these videos is definitely helping me get into the mindset. (I hate to boast but this video is best watched full screen.)

Watercolor Painting time-lapse - Coniferous Forest on Vimeo.

It seems super vain but I can't stop watching this. I feel like I'm learning about the way I work and I am getting ideas for my next pieces!

If you're into seeing people paint - fast - here are some other videos I found...
- Time-Lapse Daisy by Katie Daisy (I love that this one feels like super top secret night painting that we're getting to spy on!)

- The Cliffs of Moher by The Drawing Hands (Such a magical place, and painted so beautifully! This one looks so effortless but with such a realistic outcome!)

- Aspen Time Lapse by Maria Coryell-Martin (Three paintings at once! Whoa!)

- Geninne Watercolors Part 1 by Geninne (One of my favorites, this one isn't time-lapse but man, this lady is so good. I adore her work!)

Wow, there are a LOT of exclamation points related to those links. What can I say, I love watching people work!

I hope these links helped ease you back into the workweek.

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