Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Up in the Woods...for a birthday!

Sunday was my dad's 70th birthday!
Curtis and I drove up to see him and to have brunch with him and some more family. My dad and aunt/uncle live in Barrington, New Hampshire.

My Dad's house:


My Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gary's house:
Aunt Jenny's glass collection


Me and my dad & Pa with his special custom Thimblewinder birthday ribbon:

Birthday Guy

And I made sure to wear my pig-u-corn pin that my dad made me way back when:

He also made the giant feather hanging in one of the photos above. He's an awesome coppersmith but doesn't get into the shop very often these days. I hope he gets in there soon!

It was a nice, cozy day. We ate good food and had good laughs (my aunts are a HOOT). Family. :)


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