Thursday, March 8, 2012

What an honor!

This morning I received an email from an art teacher at a Boston charter school.

She wrote to tell me that she had purchased my Cats in Clothes postcards at the Bazaar Bizarre and had incorporated them into one of her lessons. She linked to her blog and what came next was so overwhelming and made me a little emotional...

"We approached our lesson like the postcards were composed- with an oval shaped 'frame' to draw our cat portrait within and a 'wall paper' background."

Look at this amazing artist cat! (Looks a little like my Hanni!) I think he's working in watercolor.

You can see the whole post HERE with lots of other examples of her amazing students' wonderful work. I could look at these all day.

Thank you so much Rachel!

Now, let me bring out my soap box for a moment...

I spent this past weekend with my dear friend, Casey, who is this close to being an elementary school teacher. We spent a lot of time talking about kids and education and how important art is. It's wonderful to see people out in the world sharing art with kids. There are some out there that don't seem to understand the importance of art, imagination and creativity - but it's a huge part of what makes us humans! School budgets don't always allow for art and it's hard for me to imagine a fulfilling school experience without it!

November is coming up fast and we all have to remember to vote for folks who care about this kind of thing. I don't get political here often but this is so important to me. Try to look for candidates who care about the arts. And if protecting the arts seems like small beans compared to what our country is facing these days, don't forget that out of the Great Depression, the WPA was born and the Federal Art Project employed artists to create art for government buildings and schools. Art heals and educates and revives us! Vote for art! :)