Friday, March 16, 2012

Botanical Illustration Class #9 & #10

Well, it's done. My Botanical Drawing class at the CCAE is over. So sad!

Our last two classes were our choice for medium and subject. Class #9 I painted some tiny daffodils and class #10 I bought myself some parrot tulips.

Botanical Illustration Class

Botanical Illustration Class

Botanical Illustration Class

I don't think I really FINISHED any of the pieces I started during the sessions but the whole course was such a great exercise in stretching my observational drawing muscles and trying to remind myself not to generalize forms.

I'm so glad I took the class and I'm so glad I changed my work schedule (I will still have Tuesdays off! They will continue to be days for projects and painting and looking at things. I will keep you posted.). I hope to stay in touch with one of my classmates and the instructor.

What an adventure!
Botanical Illustration Class
And I love taking a class and magically ending up with a little body of work to show for it. I hope to get everything scanned and online for real in the coming week.


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