Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's Make a List...

It's funny.
I've chosen to not vend at any fairs this spring/summer (though I just saw the application announcement for Picnic and I'm TEMPTED) but I still feel like a million and one things are going on and I can't get a handle on them all at once.
So here are some photos and a list. The photos are for you, the list is for me. But we can share.

More photos of spring springing around Boston...



Things going on / Things coming up

- Friday 4/20: ExPlanets at PAs
- Saturday 4/21: Terrarium building with Megan!
- Monday 4/23: Union Made application judging with the BBB ladies
- Tuesday 4/24: Arbor Day walk in the Arboretum (of course)
- Saturday 5/5: Horse Feathers concert!
- 5/13: Hosting giant Mother's Day brunch
- 5/29: Radiohead concert!

- June: Ryan's birthday / Union Made / Jury Duty!
- September: WSAC show / JP Open Studios (should be working on these now + forever) / Jimmy Fund Walk

Other/All the time: working on new product / looking into more consignment/wholesale / staying motivated / running around outside / working in my garden / taking walks with Curtis to get snacks / petting the cats / being a better friend to those I've been neglecting as I've been hibernating / seeing my family sometime? / getting rid of some stuff / getting sort of organized maybe? / EVERYTHING

And here are some more photos of my world lately...

Cutest Model!*

Corner Tail!

Castle Island!

And how have YOU been lately?

*awesome baby of a friend modeling for Egg-A-Go-Go!

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