Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making Things (as usual)

Spring is always such a busy season. It is every year but it still catches me off-guard.

Here's what I've been doing/making the past couple of weeks...

For Easter I made a couple loaves of Easter Bread - with hard-boiled eggs baked right in!

egg bread
If you know me you know I love eggs and this eggy bread studded with actual eggs is like a dream come true. It's super easy and I used this recipe.

Last year, and again this year, I contributed some pieces to the Roger Williams Park Zoo's Party for the Planet event. One piece, the houses below, will be auctioned off to benefit the zoo. The other three will be on display during the event.

Living with Nature web

living in nature - chair living in nature - quilt
living in nature - treehouse

And all the while, making lots of tea...
tiny tea critic
Luckily I have a tiny tea assistant. (I've been using my Somerville-designed CUPPOW! for morning walking-to-work tea and it's amazing. GET ONE.)

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  1. Since you love eggs, you might like this great collection of "eggy" recipes. Food on Friday Eggs