Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby's First Zine

Last night I was hanging out with Miss Marissa Falco. Delightful. We ate too much sushi and went for a walk in the wilting heat. We talked about projects and stress and feeling uninspired sometimes and the weather and being so busy and wanting to do everything all the time - pretty standard art chat stuff. The post office was closed to we wandered a little farther thinking maybe we'd get yogurt or maybe just go home. But then we walked past Kinko's and I said "what if we just go in there right now and make something?" and Marissa said "want to?" and I said "do YOU?" And we did!

at kinko's

What I know about zines, I know from Marissa. She's an old school expert. Been around for ages. When we were neighbors she lent me her old zines and I learned all about her zine-y past. I was never a zine maker (though I loved copy shops and really wish I had even known zines were a thing) but I appreciate them now.

at kinko's

I like the concept and the community and the execution and the variety. I have a very modest collection and am now on the hunt for more travel-related zines. Ours is short and silly and was made in one hour and six minutes. We are both super busy and I felt like this was some kind of unplanned art therapy (and it worked). It turned out to be an "unexpected brain-cleanse" -Marissa. Thanks buddy, for showing me the ropes!

Maybe This is a Terrible Idea zine

If you want a copy of our little zine, I'll send you one!
Just send me your mailing address at sarah.coyne AT gmail DOT com (or leave it in the comments if you have a PO box)! That's how these zine things work, right? (Be careful, if you know Marissa, she might already have one in the queue for you!)

Also, Marissa will be speaking at a Zine Salon next week! If you're into zines and in Somerville, come check it out!

xo, Sarah


  1. Thanks for making a zine with me, buddy. That was so much fun, and a much-needed reset for my brain. I went home and had so many art ideas!

  2. Send me one Please! I don't even know what a zine is! But I want one.

  3. i havent gotten a zine in over 10 years! i'll take one! let me know if you need my address or still have it laying around some where =)

    1. Trisha! My old stash of addresses is lost forever I suspect... Send me your again?? :)

  4. Hi! I would love a copy of your zine! I believe you have my address. ;-) Please and thank you! - April