Monday, June 11, 2012

Hills & New Things

This weekend was one for the history books! Well, maybe nothing THAT dramatic but it was pretty alright. On Saturday Curtis and I shook off our final winter hibernation instincts (FINALLY, right?) and rode our bikes to the Blue Hills. We hiked up to the top of Great Blue and had a look at our kingdom (or at least the Eastern part of Massachusetts before it hits the ocean).

Hiking Great Blue Hill Hello Bicycle! 
Hiking Great Blue HillHiking Great Blue Hill

Hiking Great Blue Hill Hiking Great Blue Hill

Sunday was most productive. New stationery was designed, a painting of a snail was started, Scout notebooks were ordered (!!!) and Curtis helped me with some photo editing things I didn't have the steady hand or patience for. Thanks, C.

Working Tails Watercolor - snail WIP

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